Tree Frogs in Tucson offers people an opportunity to see the playsets in real size in its outdoor showroom. We invite parents to come with their children (of course, assuming your intent is not to surprise your children with a playset in their Christmas stockings!). When children can touch and play with the playset, parents can evaluate with certainty if the set is right for their age and if it can grow with them to remain fun.

View of our outdoor showroom facing south

Our Tree Frogs sign can easily be spotted from I-10 going north or south. Just take the frontage road on the east side of the freeway.

View of the showroom facing west

Your children will be able to try all types of playsets, from simple to ultimate. What a great way to spend the afternoon!

View of the showroom facing north

Feel welcome to come and visit us. Please call us ahead at (520) 408-3333 so we can make sure we have a technician on duty to give you all the information you need.