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Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

Rubber mulch is becoming more and more popular each day. From first being a safe surface for children playground to being used for landscaping. This shouldn’t come as a shock considering the many advantages rubber mulch has to offer. Before delving into these advantages, it is essential to choose a firm that will guarantee a wire-free ground covering to provide 100% safety. For this reason, we take pride in always counterchecking our rubber mulch for the best experience. With that, let us look at some of the pros of this surface.

Ground Covering

Ground Covering

Low maintenance

Unlike natural grass, rubber mulch requires less maintenance. You do not have to keep watering, covering up patches, planting grass, and so on. Once the rubber mulch is in place, all you need to do is sweep regularly and wash occasionally. That is it! Now, if there is filth like gum and oil, it should be removed immediately for easy maintenance.


Rubber mulch originates from recycling old tires. This mainly plays into its durability as the tires can last for a very long period. No more monthly or yearly replacement! The mulch will remain in its position after it is bonded.

Different designs

A significant advantage of this kind of ground covering is the flexibility in design. They come in different colors which offer options for the type of theme you want for the playground. The color variability gives one the possibility to find a rubber mulch that blends and complements the landscape.

All weather

Snow, hail, wind, and rain are no match for this covering contrary to the wood mulch, which is hard to maintain in the face of these conditions. This material is dense, giving it the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, it’s easier to clean after the different seasons.

Shock absorbent

You can rest assured that rubber mulch reduces the chances of injuries from fall since the material is shock absorbent. Playgrounds are safer now that this trend has been embraced all over. Another advantage of this covering is that it does not allow room for pest, fungi and weed growth, in addition to being environmentally friendly (it reduces the carbon footprint through tires recycling). After reading through these advantages, one might think rubber mulch is harmless. Well, at least not entirely. Under certain heat levels, some chemicals may be released from the mulch, and it also has impurities. As much as the benefits are substantial, it is essential also to know these few downsides of rubber mulch. Other than that, this is a better alternative when considering safety in playgrounds.

Blue Rubber Mulch

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