Child Safety

The founders of Tree Frogs sought to create lifetime-lasting entertainment centers for children, with a particular emphasis on child safety. Over the years, thousands of engineering studies have enabled Tree Frogs to develop and manufacture sets and add-ons that have acquired a legendary reputation for safety, reliability and durability with both parents and public recreational facilities.

The safety of your children is one of our two top priorities, together with their joy on the playsets.

Here is how our manufacturing practices ensure your peace of mind…

Ladder brackets: Made in solid carbon steel, powder-coated for durability.

Our brackets are rated to support the weight and motion of up to 4 children climbing to the platform.

They are made in solid carbon steel, not in cheap aluminum, for strength and oxydation prevention. Their powder-coating treatment acts as a durability factor.

Some of our bigger models have additional safety brackets: as the number of children playing at the same time increases, the structure needs reinforcement.

Supports & Bracings: Made in solid cedar wood harvested from sustainable forestry.

Because the motions generated by multiple children jumping, shaking, crawling and climbing on the playsets are random and often percussive, we reinforce the angles of the structures with thick hardwood.

These supports and bracings prevent the main wood elements to loosen up and gradually become disjointed. The wear & tear is therefore considerably slowed down over the lifetime of the playset. This increases its safety, but also preserves its resale value and reduces the need for periodical repairs.

Bracket Notching: Deep notches cut in solid brackets for strengthening of the overall structure.

Bracket notching is an old tradition in the construction industry. Whenever a structure supports a heavy weight and is exposed to harsh weather elements, it has been shown that notches will increase the strength of the overall structure and slowdown the inevitable effect of time.

It was therefore essential that we would integrate this time-honored construction tradition in our own playsets.

Dual bolting: Using dual bolting along the hardwood elements increases the total load the structure can support.

Long elements undergirding the playsets are subjected to massive forces by the weight and the random percussive motions of multiple children playing on them.

Dual-bolting mutliplies the load-bearing capability of the structure and prevents it from caving under such forces.

Our engineering studies precisely determine the type, shape, diameter and length of the bolts we use, as well as the distance between bolts.

Quality finish: Fastener-free deck and detailed finish are one of the multiple ways Tree Frogs playsets ensure the safety of our children.

Any bolt sticking out of an element is a potential hazard for children in motion. To prevent children from stumbling or falling on fasteners and hurting themselves, our decks are totally free of such hazards.

Likewise, wood can split due to forces and weather: it is essential that all corners and extremities are precisely cut and filed to slow down natural wear and tear.

Specious decks: Increasing the space available for play on our playsets increases their safety.

‘Stumble and tumble’ are natural actions and interactions among children playing together.

We purposedly increased the surface of our decks so that children would have more space to play on without bumping and falling on each other.

Another point of differentiation between the Tree Frogs playsets, and those of cheaper makes.