Shade Structures

Outdoor activities are always fun for children since they have more freedom, and space isn’t restricted to their living room. Therefore, children will make every second count while in outdoor pools, parks, or school playgrounds. However, they are still exposed to a danger that could lead to skin cancer. That is the sun. While adults may have tougher skin, children skin is sensitive to UV rays and too much exposure might lead to skin cancer, which is most common nowadays. For this reason, you need a shade structure to protect them for the harmful rays.

In addition, the shade structures provide cooler play space. So your kids are safe against burns from hot surfaces due to the sun.

For commercial purposes, the type of shade adds to the aesthetic view of their building and provides customers and workers a place to cool off. In the case of temporary outdoor events, corporates have to consider their staff and create a space where they can work peacefully. Shade structures are, therefore a significant investment.

Now that we have established that shade structures are necessary for the outdoor activities, we will take you through factors that you should consider while browsing at our store for the perfect shade structure. These factors include;


In case you want a shade to be used for several functions, a mobile shade structure is the best. The umbrella shades best suited for such kind of activities. Furthermore, you can consider a retractable or shades which can orient a shade whenever needed thanks to a design which allows it to pivot at 360 degrees. The flexibility factor will lead you to the right structure.
• Fabric
Besides the color, you need to worry about quality when it comes to shades with fabric material. It should be able to withstand the climatic conditions of your area. Hence, they should be resistant to shrinkage, rotting, unraveling, abrading, and fading. In short, they should be durable enough to last for years.

Resistance to climatic and environmental conditions

A good shade structure should protect you from UV rays, resist precipitation and winds. They should also dampen noise to offer a cool and peaceful ambiance while you take a break. Therefore, opt for waterproof, stainless steel shades and one with high-density fabrics for UV protection.

Design dynamic

Shade structures come in many shapes and designs. Cantilever, umbrella shade, sails, octagonal, square, and so on. All these considerations are essential depending on the space you have to place your structure.
We do not take the threat of skin cancer lightly. We, therefore, have a variety of shades with the above factors to provide maximum protection.


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Commercial Shade Structures

Commercial Shade Structures

Commercial Shade Structures


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